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  • Red Cards: A 20-minute sanction for red cards will be introduced. After this time, the penalized player can be replaced, meaning the team will not be at a numerical disadvantage for the rest of the match.
  • Ruck and Maul: The ball will be sped up from the ruck and maul to reduce the time the ball is inactive and promote a more dynamic game.
  • Scrums and Lineouts: A set time will be established to complete scrums and lineouts, aiming to reduce delays and increase actual playing time.
  • TMO (Television Match Official): The use of the TMO will be reviewed to ensure that its intervention does not cause prolonged interruptions and affect the pace of the game.
  • Tackle: The possibility of reducing the tackle height in elite play will be studied to improve player safety and possibly reduce interruptions.
  • Substitutions: The reduction in the number of substitutions allowed during a match will be evaluated to maintain the integrity of the game and avoid interruptions.

These measures are part of a broader plan that will be implemented in five stages, designed after a thorough analysis by a World Rugby forum. The goal is to enhance the rugby experience for both players and spectators, keeping player welfare and safety as a priority.

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