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The Six Nations tournament has always been a battleground where rugby legends forge their legacy, and world ranking positions are in constant flux. This year’s tournament has been no exception, bringing surprises and unexpected turns that have shaken the global rankings.

Wales, historically a strong contender in international rugby, experienced a disheartening tournament run, failing to secure any victories. This string of defeats has led Wales to fall to the 10th spot in the World Rugby rankings, matching their historically lowest position. A bitter reflection for the team and its supporters, yet a reminder of the fierce competitiveness of international rugby.

On the other hand, Italy has emerged as the tournament’s surprise. With significant wins against Scotland and Wales, the Italian team climbed to the 8th position, marking their highest ranking to date. This achievement is not only a testament to the team’s continuous growth and improvement but also a proud moment resonating throughout Italian rugby.

France, meanwhile, has continued to showcase its strength and prowess on the field, securing a late but crucial victory against England. This win not only solidified their position in the tournament but also brought them closer to the top three in the world rankings, marking France as a team to watch in future international encounters.

The latest rankings table, updated on March 18, shows South Africa maintaining its dominance in the top spot with a ratio of 94.54, closely followed by Ireland and New Zealand, with ratios of 90.69 and 89.80 respectively. These rugby powerhouses continue to lead the global stage, but as the Six Nations has shown, the landscape of international rugby is always unpredictable and thrilling.

The fall of Wales and the rise of Italy are clear reminders that in rugby, as in life, there is always room for improvement, growth, and sometimes, surprise. As teams reflect on their Six Nations performances and plan their path forward, rugby fans worldwide can look forward to more action, passion, and games that will define the sport’s history in the coming years.

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Men’s World Rugby RankingsvteTop 30 as of 18 March 2024
1Steady South Africa94.54
2Steady Ireland90.69
3Steady New Zealand89.80
4Steady France87.92
5Steady England85.75
6Steady Scotland82.82
7Steady Argentina80.68
8Increase1 Italy79.41
9Increase1 Australia77.48
10Decrease2 Wales77.26
11Steady Fiji76.38
12Steady Japan74.27
13Steady Georgia74.02
14Steady Samoa72.23
15Increase1 Tonga71.57
16Decrease1 Portugal70.28
17Steady United States67.94
18Steady Uruguay67.39
19Steady Spain64.37
20Steady Romania61.66
21Steady Canada60.90
22Steady Namibia60.56
23Steady Chile60.49
24Steady Hong Kong59.80
25Steady Russia58.06
26Steady  Switzerland57.44
27Steady Netherlands57.29
28Increase1 Belgium55.89
29Decrease1 Brazil55.37
30Increase1 Korea53.46

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