The 1973 rugby match between the Barbarians and the All Blacks is widely regarded as one of the greatest games ever played in the sport. It took place on January 27, 1973, at Cardiff Arms Park in Wales. The match is remembered for its thrilling and expansive style of play, showcasing the best aspects of rugby union.

The Barbarians, an invitational team comprised of top players from around the world, produced a remarkable performance against the All Blacks, the formidable national team of New Zealand. Both teams played with incredible skill, pace, and creativity, resulting in an enthralling spectacle for the fans in attendance.

The Barbarians emerged victorious with a score of 23-11, but the result was secondary to the quality of rugby on display. The match is particularly remembered for a sensational try scored by Barbarians’ scrum-half Gareth Edwards, which is often hailed as one of the greatest tries in the history of the sport.

Lineups (Alineaciones):


  1. J. van Es
  2. J. Pullin
  3. R. Cotton
  4. T. David
  5. W. McBride
  6. F. Oliver
  7. J. Williams
  8. B. Thomas
  9. G. Edwards
  10. P. Bennett
  11. J. Bevan
  12. J. Dawes (c)
  13. J. Duckham
  14. D. Duckham
  15. A. Gibson

All Blacks:

  1. B. Johnstone
  2. T. Lister
  3. K. Gray
  4. A. Sutherland
  5. B. Lochore (c)
  6. I. Kirkpatrick
  7. K. Briscoe
  8. B. Williams
  9. S. Going
  10. B. Taylor
  11. B. Williams
  12. T. Morrison
  13. D. McGregor
  14. B. Irvine
  15. F. Wilson

Importance within Rugby:

The 1973 Barbarians vs. All Blacks match holds immense importance within rugby history for several reasons:

  1. Exemplary Style of Rugby: The match showcased an exemplary style of rugby, emphasizing skillful play, creativity, and flair. It epitomized the values of attacking rugby and remains an inspiration for players and teams around the world.
  2. Iconic Try by Gareth Edwards: Gareth Edwards’ sensational try, famously known as “The Greatest Try,” symbolizes the epitome of teamwork, skill, and spontaneity in rugby. It continues to be celebrated as one of the most memorable moments in the sport.
  3. Cultural Impact: The match transcended its significance as a sporting event, becoming part of rugby folklore. It is revered by fans and players alike for its contribution to the rich tapestry of rugby history.

Overall, the 1973 Barbarians vs. All Blacks match remains a cherished and iconic fixture in the annals of rugby, embodying the essence of the sport’s beauty and excitement.

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