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Devon Ruahei Demant, born on April 21, 1995, in Ōmāio, a small coastal settlement in the eastern Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, has risen to prominence in the world of rugby union. Known affectionately as “Lu,” a nickname she acquired due to her birth coinciding with Team New Zealand’s victory in the 1995 Louis Vuitton Cup, Devon’s journey is deeply rooted in her family and cultural heritage. Her father, a commercial crayfisherman, and her mother, Vikki, fostered a spirit of competition and resilience in Devon and her siblings, who grew up speaking Māori as their first language.

Devon’s athletic prowess was evident from an early age, engaging in a variety of sports including soccer, netball, and rugby, often playing in mixed-gender teams due to limited local opportunities for girls. Her academic and leadership skills shone through as well, culminating in her role as head girl at Mahurangi College and a move to Auckland University to study law, setting the stage for her illustrious rugby career.

Rugby Career and Achievements

Teams and Years Played

  • Mahurangi College Team (During high school years)
  • Auckland Storm (2012, 2014, 2015, various seasons post-2015)
  • New Zealand Black Ferns (Debut in 2018, ongoing)
  • Blues Women’s Team (Super Rugby from 2021)

International Caps

Demant has been a formidable presence on the international stage since her debut for the New Zealand Black Ferns in 2018 against Australia. Her contributions have been vital in numerous matches across several seasons, earning her a respected status as a key player for the national team.

Key Moments in Sports Career

  • 2018 Debut for the Black Ferns: Making a notable entrance into international rugby, Demant helped lead her team to victory against Australia.
  • 2021 Rugby World Cup Co-Captain: Demant was a central figure in New Zealand’s triumphant World Cup campaign, demonstrating her leadership on the global stage.
  • 2022 Named World Rugby Player of the Year: This accolade recognized her outstanding performance and influence in women’s rugby, marking a pinnacle in her career.
  • Super Rugby Achievements: Participation in the inaugural women’s Super Rugby matches and the Super Rugby Aupiki competition, setting standards for professional women’s rugby in New Zealand.

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