Jean-Claude SkrelaJean-Claude Skrela


Born on October 3, 1949, in Colomiers, France, Jean-Claude Skrela discovered his passion for rugby early in life. His prowess on the rugby field was matched by his intellect, which was evident in his understanding of the game. Skrela’s name is often spoken with respect, not only for his achievements but for his contribution to French rugby as both a player and a coach.

Teams and Years Played

Skrela’s club career was rooted deeply in French rugby:

  • Stade Toulousain (Toulouse)
  • Lourdes

These clubs were the crucibles where his talents were honed, leading to his eventual rise as a rugby icon in France.

Position on the Field

As a fullback, Skrela was the last line of defense and a critical counter-attacker. His positional play was impeccable, making him a formidable opponent on the field. His ability to read the game allowed him to thwart opposition attacks and launch counter-strikes with precision.

International Caps

Jean-Claude Skrela’s international career with Les Bleus (the French national team) was marked by his presence in numerous matches throughout the 70s. While the exact number of caps is part of the minutiae of history, his influence is undebatable.

Career Highlights

  • European Dominance: During the 1970s, Skrela was part of the French side that consistently competed for and won the Five Nations Championship, the precursor to the Six Nations.
  • 1977 Test Matches: Notably, in the 1977 test series against New Zealand, Skrela’s performance was a testament to his skills, where he played a crucial role in securing a historic victory for France.
  • Post-Playing Career: After hanging up his boots, Skrela did not leave the sport. Instead, he transitioned to coaching, where he continued to shape French rugby, leading the national team to impressive performances in the 1990s.

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