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The rugby world is set to experience a revolution with the inaugural World Club Championship slated for June 2028. This competition promises to be a landmark in the sport’s history, providing an unprecedented stage for the top rugby clubs from both hemispheres to compete for the global title.

A Historic Agreement Among Leagues

After negotiations and agreements between the leading male rugby leagues of the northern and southern hemispheres, June 2028 has been set as the date for this pioneering competition. This event will significantly alter the international rugby calendar as it will replace the playoff stages of that year’s Champions Cup.

Tournament Structure and Qualification

The tournament will feature eight teams from the Champions Cup, six from Super Rugby, and two from Japan’s Rugby League One, in an exciting knockout format that will span four weekends in June. Team selection will be strictly merit-based, ensuring a high competitive level without automatic reservations by country.

Impact on Existing Competitions

The introduction of the World Club Championship will necessitate significant adjustments in other tournaments. For instance, the Challenge Cup will revise its format every four years to accommodate the new global schedule. In World Championship years, the teams that do not qualify for this event will compete in the latter stages of the Challenge Cup, thus maintaining the competitive spirit of the season.

Changes in the Club Calendar

To accommodate the World Club Championship, the finals of the major leagues involved will be moved to May. This will require a significant rescheduling of matches, especially in the southern hemisphere, where the Super Rugby season will need to start in January to conclude in May, just three months after the 2027 Rugby World Cup.

The Crucial Role of France

France, with its Top 14 league — the most extensive in terms of rounds and matches — will play a crucial role in the success of this new competition. Negotiations are expected to continue, especially to adjust schedules and manage player workload, ensuring that the new tournament is sustainable and successful.

Advances in Women’s Rugby

In parallel, progress is being made towards including women’s club rugby. A conference scheduled for June will discuss the launch of an inaugural Women’s Champions Cup in 2026, initially involving the champions from the English and French leagues and the winners of the Celtic Challenge and the Latin Cup. This is a significant step towards gender equality in rugby.


The Rugby World Club Championship is set not only to be a top-tier sporting spectacle but also to reshape the global club rugby landscape. With its focus on meritocracy and fair competition, this tournament is poised to become a must-watch event for rugby fans worldwide. Thus, June 2028 will mark the beginning of a new era in international rugby.

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